Should You Replace Your Windows All at Once or in Phases?

Replacing windows in homes with Presidential Exteriors.

Old windows leak, cost you in utility bills, detract from your home’s appearance, and often harbor moisture-related issues like rot, mold, and deterioration. Replacement windows deliver stunning looks to your exterior and interior, seal your house from extreme temperatures, and create significant energy savings that are reflected in your utility bills. 

But how do you know whether to replace one or two windows or all of them at once? Let’s take a look at the benefits of replacing all your windows at once, and explore the reasons it may make sense for some to replace them in phases. 

Define Why You Need New Windows to Help Pinpoint Your Upgrade’s Timing

Stating the reason for your window replacement will help you pinpoint the right timing for your upgrade and whether you’ll do it in phases or all at once. 

Damaged Windows

Broken windows due to severe storms, high winds, or a stray fly ball from a nearby game can compromise your home’s safety and put you, your loved ones, and your possessions at risk. It’s important to replace them swiftly to refortify your home’s security and deter potential intruders. 

Moisture Intrusion

Once water infiltrates your window frames or windowsills, it’s vital to replace them quickly before greater damage occurs. Water intrusion—your home’s silent enemy—causes rot, mold, mildew, and deterioration. If left unaddressed, it continues to create harm that will cost you increasingly more over time. 

Stuck Windows

In case of emergency, it’s essential that all your windows function properly. If you have windows that are stuck closed, they should be replaced promptly to ensure your safety in case of a house fire. 

Indoor Drafts Due to Gaps

On cold winter days, if chilly breezes seep through your windows and disrupt your cozy warmth, it’s time for replacements. Why? The gaps in your windows are spoiling your indoor comfort and escalating your utility bills simultaneously. 

Cloudy Windows 

Your home’s appearance has a large impact on its overall value. If your windows are old and cloudy, they take away from its curb appeal. Hazy windows aren’t a reason for urgency in window replacement timing, but they indicate it’s wise to prepare for your renovation. 

Worn Out Windows

Old windows can present a variety of issues that make them inconvenient and cause the need for repair or replacement. While it may not be urgent to replace them, it’s important to start to plan ahead for your upgrade before they become inoperable and detract from your indoor comfort. Why? Because either you can’t open them to enjoy fresh breezes, or they allow outdoor air to seep in. 

The Benefits and Risks of Replacing Windows All at Once or in Phases

Replacing Windows in Phases

  • If you have an urgent situation like broken glass or stuck windows, they should be replaced immediately, and you can schedule the remaining windows for a few months down the road. 
  • The risk with this option is that you may not get the same window style for the most attractive price when you are ready to have the next group installed. However, if replacing your windows in phases is what will work best for your budget, then go for it! Just be sure you hire a reputable contractor (like us!).
  • Labor prices for multiple small projects are more than one big upgrade, so realize you may pay more to do a partial project rather than all of your windows at once. 
  • This option may make sense if you only have a problem with one or two windows. 

Replacing Windows All at Once

  • If you have the means to replace your windows all at once, it can save time and money in the long run. 
  • You’ll rest at ease knowing you were able to get the style you desire for the best price (and the least amount of disruption to your daily routine). 

Get Premium Replacement Windows Installed by Our Reputable Team  

Deciding the best solution for the timing of your window replacement upgrade can be tough. At Presidential Exteriors, we educate you about window renovations so you can make an informed decision about what’s best for your situation. 

Get high performing, energy-efficient windows installed by our expert team to increase your home value, enhance its atmosphere with more natural light, and enjoy fresh breezes. Learn more about how our window services can deliver what you envision and more.