What Are the Different Parts of a Window Called?

Different parts of a window by Presidential Exteriors.

Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or a novice embarking on your first window replacement project, understanding the terminology and structure of your windows empowers you when discussing window components with your contractor, aids you in solving issues with your current windows, and makes you more comfortable during the window selection process. 

Let’s explore the world of window anatomy, where each part plays a crucial role in shaping not just your home’s aesthetic, but also its functionality and energy efficiency. 

Terms that Describe Your Window Frames

  • Windowsill –  This is a familiar term that refers to the horizontal piece that fits across the bottom of the window frame.
  • Window Head –  This is the highest horizontal window frame component.
  • Weep Hole – An opening in your windowsill that helps protect your windows by letting moisture escape, safeguarding your home from damage.
  • Jamb – This refers to the vertical parts of the window frame that form its sides.
  • Jambliner – This is a strip that goes on the sides of your window frame and delivers a tight fit for your window sash.
  • Apron – Technically not a part of the frame, but this refers to the decorative piece below your windowsill.

Window Frame Material Options 

Window frames are made of a variety of materials: 

  • Durable fiberglass 
  • Genuine wood
  • Sleek vinyl
  • Practical aluminum 

Defining the Components that Make Up the Interior of Your Windows

Decorative elements like window glass, grilles, and modern hardware can enhance your replacement windows. You’ll see these portions of your windows from inside your home, and they add to the visual appeal of new windows. You get to pick the finish and color of your windows so they complement the décor in your home.

  • Window sash – This is the part of your windows that moves and is made up of the vertical and horizontal frame that keeps the glass in place.
  • Check rail – On a classic double-hung window the check rail refers to the middle of the window, where the bottom half of the sash and top part of the sash meet.
  • Glass – This refers to the sheet of glass that is housed in your window frame.
  • Rail – This is the horizontal piece of your window sash that is made of the lower rail, the check rail, and the upper rail.
  • Balance – The balance is the spring-loaded mechanical device used in single- and double-hung windows to counterbalance the weight of the window sash when it is being opened and closed.
  • Lift – This is the handle used to raise and lower your window sash in a single- or double-hung wood window.
  • Sash Lock – This is the locking mechanism on a single- or double-hung window. It engages with the lock strike to decrease rattling. 

Features that Make Your Windows More Energy-Efficient

  • Argon gas – This inert, nontoxic gas is inserted between dual- and triple-pane windows. It is used in insulating glass to lower heat transfer and boost indoor comfort throughout the year.
  • Multi-paned windows – When you choose dual- or triple-pane replacement windows, your wallet will thank you. The energy efficiency they provide lowers your utilities, particularly during the heat of summer and the chill of winter.
  • Weatherstrip – This strip of material is used to cover the joint between your window sash and frame. It decreases the amount of air leaks and keeps moisture from permeating your home. 

Window Options and Accessories Defined

  • Grilles – These decorative pieces divide your window panels, creating the appearance of multiple glass panes. They can be located between the glass for easy cleaning, or permanently affixed to your windows.
  • Built-in blinds and shades – Built-in blinds and shades are located between your windowpanes, which makes cleaning a breeze and decreases dust in your home. They offer a convenient way to control the amount of light and privacy you desire in your interior.
  • Fixed panels – This inoperable window panel is found in gorgeous picture windows and the top half of single-hungs. 

Get Premium New Windows for Your Fairfax County, VA or Montgomery County, MD Area Home 

Now that you have a greater understanding of your window’s parts and functions, you’ll be more comfortable discussing your window needs. Whether you need a few replacement windows, or a whole house of them, don’t miss out on the great views, abundance of natural light, and sophisticated style that new windows offer. 

At Presidential Exteriors, our seamless replacement window selection and installation processes transform your home into one with greater energy efficiency, distinct beauty, and increased resale value. See how our exceptional window services can breathe fresh life into your home.


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