What to Expect During Your Roof Installation

What to expect during your roof installation.

You may only need to replace your roof once or twice in your lifetime, so knowing what to expect during your new roof’s installation will take the mystery out of the equation, help you understand the process, and equip you to be prepared for what’s ahead. 

Let’s dive into the steps involved in your new roof installation

The Preliminary Steps Involved in Getting a New Roof 

Free estimate, contract signing, and pre-installation inspection

At Presidential Exteriors, our approach is simple and effective. It starts with a free estimate where you’ll experience a thorough explanation of roof replacement designed to answer all your questions. 

Once you feel good about the job, signing a contract makes things official so we can begin your roof replacement. Our meticulous pre-installation inspection ensures that every measurement, material, and color is correct, guaranteeing a seamless installation process. We utilize 3D Hover technology to show you the possibilities for your new roof. We experiment with different colors and options until we get it just right. 

The Installation Process Involved in Getting a New Roof 

Once your roof replacement installation is scheduled, we’ll arrive on time and introduce the crew that will be working on your home so you can be confident before we get to work! Our team installs your new roof to perfection, leaving you with the peace of mind that your home is in capable hands. Here’s how: 

Remove your old roof

Your current roof will be removed and the condition of your roof deck and flashing will be assessed. We will ensure there is no damage to your roof deck before installing new roofing. To prevent water infiltration, flashing around your vents, chimneys, and valleys may need to be repaired or replaced, depending on their condition. 

Install underlayment and roof shingles

The metal drip edge on your roof deck will be replaced and our roofing crew will roll out your underlayment across your roof deck. Next, we’ll install your roofing shingles beginning with “starter shingles” along the bottom and side edges of your roof deck. Then asphalt shingles will be applied and secured with roofing nails. Finally, your hip and ridge shingles will be installed along your roof ridge and hips. 

Replace vents as needed and clean up thoroughly

Next, we will replace or add to your existing ridge vents and static vents depending on the ventilation requirements for your particular roof. Once your new roof is installed, the dumpster with the debris in it will be hauled away. At Presidential Exteriors, we’re careful to stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines during your roof installation to protect your warranty. We conduct nail sweeps multiple times and tidy up thoroughly at the end of each day. 

Your Stamp of Approval on Your Roof Replacement 

Final walkthrough 

When you choose Presidential Exteriors, you’ll enjoy a seamless experience throughout the entire roof replacement process, from the preliminary steps to completion. After your roof installation is complete, we do a final walkthrough to make sure everything looks good. We use a comprehensive checklist to ensure every detail is addressed. Then you get to sit back and enjoy a beautiful low-maintenance roof that shields your house from the elements and adds to your curb appeal and home value significantly. 

Get a Beautiful New Roof Installed by Our Experienced Team

Don’t settle for a damaged, aging roof over your head. Get reliable roof replacement from our experienced team. At Presidential Exteriors, keeping our skills sharp is key, which is why we undergo GAF’s CARE training annually. This ensures we’re always up-to-speed on the latest industry innovations and best practices.

We’re proud members of the President’s Club through GAF, the nation’s leading roofing manufacturer. This distinction marks us as the top 1% of all Master Elite Contractors in the U.S. And less than 2% of contractors in the U.S. are Master Elite Certified! This ensures you get the very best of the best for your installation. Learn more about how using our residential roofing services increases your home’s aesthetics and value. 


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