How to Avoid a “Storm Chaser” When Replacing Your Roof

Avoid storm chasers after damage to your home's roof.

When a storm blows through your area and many roof replacements are needed at once, storm chasers may show up from out of town and position themselves as reputable roofers—when they aren’t. There are specific ways you can protect yourself and your home from storm chasers and bypass the costly problems they create. Read on to discover how to avoid hiring a storm chaser and instead find a local roofer you can count on.  

Safeguard Your Home from Storm Chasers and Locate a Reliable Roofer You Can Trust 

1. Don’t rush into a contract.

Although roof damage can cause an urgent situation when a storm blows through, and it’s tempting to sign a contract with the first roofer you meet with, take your time deciding who to hire for your roof installation. Interview and get an estimate from multiple companies, and research reviews before settling on a contractor to hire. A reputable roofing contractor won’t put pressure on you. 

2. Never pay the full amount for your roof replacement upfront.

If a contractor asks for the full payment upfront, that’s a red flag you could be talking to a storm chaser. Paying in full upfront deprives you of the opportunity to inspect the work before making your final payment—ensuring your satisfaction. A reputable roofing contractor only asks for partial payment upfront. 

3. Ask for the physical address of anyone you’re considering hiring. 

Ask for your potential contractor’s physical office address and their phone number. If they don’t provide you with that, or if what they provide doesn’t line up with what you look up online, find another contractor to do the work. A reputable roofing contractor will have an office or showroom you can walk into and they will have a good reputation in your area. 

4. Check their license and insurance.

It’s vitally important that the roofer you hire has the proper state license and insurance. A storm chaser won’t have all the up-to-date licensing for your area, and won’t know the current regulations they need to comply with. A reputable roofing contractor will have a state license, and liability and workers compensation insurance so you are covered in the unlikely event that someone is injured on your property during your roof replacement. 

5. Ensure your roof replacement comes with a solid warranty.

Storm chasers don’t typically offer warranties on their work. You won’t be able to find them should you need anything after the work is completed. A reputable roofing contractor includes a warranty on both the materials and their craftsmanship. 

6. Contact your insurance company and a well-established local roofer. 

If your roof was damaged due to a storm, reach out to your insurance company promptly to begin working together toward resolving the situation. Ask your insurance company if there are local roofers they are accustomed to working with and consider contacting them for a free estimate. 

Don’t be fooled by the convenience of a storm chaser’s knock on your door. And don’t sign something just so “they can inspect your roof.” This type of document is designed with language that allows them to do much more than an inspection. It may even prevent you from working with a different contractor without breaching the contract. If a storm chaser hands you a pen and a document, don’t sign it. Read it, and instead of signing it, contact other roofers to have your roof inspected with no strings attached. A reputable roofing contractor will not ask you to sign something just so they can get on your roof and inspect it. 

7. Check out their reputation. 

Ask the roofing contractor you are considering hiring for referrals from past customers and check into the roofer’s online reviews. If they don’t have a track record of success for you to check into online, find another contractor. A reputable roofing contractor will have many positive online reviews on multiple sites. 

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