Fall Siding Maintenance Tips

Siding Maintenance – What Should I Do?


There are many different types of siding to choose from and each has its own maintenance requirements. Vinyl Siding is the most popular siding and tends to set the standard regarding maintenance requirements. Vinyl siding is a great choice because it doesn’t require much work to keep clean. 

During the fall, it is important time to check on your siding and make sure everything is okay before the cold months hit. Several months of a long and hot summer weathervcan sometimes affect the exterior of a house. 

1. Home Siding Self-Inspection

During the fall is an ideal time to conduct a quick inspection of your siding’s current condition. While looking over your siding, it is important to inspect every panel and to check for any signs of damage or missing parts. It is especially important to take note of the corners of your home since that is where damage tends to occur.

Doing an annual inspection is important because it can help catch potential damage before it becomes a larger issue. A damaged panel of siding can expose your home’s exterior to the elements and can lead to deterioration over time. 


2. Complete Any Needed Repairs

If you do stumble across some damage during your inspection, it is important to have it repaired right away. Waiting until after winter to have it fixed will only increase the chances of greater damage occurring. In winter, there is a greater risk of ice or water being a threat to the rest of your home if the siding is left damaged. It is also much easier to have siding repaired or installed during the fall or warmer months. 

At Presidential Exteriors we understand the importance of siding and only use the highest quality of siding materials. All of our siding replacement and installation contractors work efficiently to repair your home. This shortens the time and minimizes the price of fixing siding on a piece-by-piece basis.


3. Don’t Paint Over the Siding

While painting your home’s vinyl siding may seem like an easy way to vamp up your home, it is actually a bad idea. Vinyl siding tends to expand and contract with the changing temperatures which can cause exterior paint to crack or peel. While the paint may look good initially, this would actually damage the appearance of your home in the long run. 

If a specific color is important, it is recommended to stick with quality premium-colored vinyl. Premium vinyl maintains its color for years and keeps your home looking good as new. We offer a wide selection of colors and styles to choose from and there is something for everybody. 


4. Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

Vinyl still needs some cleaning from time to time to keep its pristine appearance. Over time dirt, dust, and even grass can stain or latch onto your siding. Having dirty siding not only decreases your home’s curb appeal, but it makes a home look more untidy in general.

Cleaning vinyl siding is not a huge deal as long as it’s done properly. When cleaning vinyl it is important to use gentle cleansers. Using a harsh cleaner, like ones containing bleach, can degrade the siding. They may strip the paint or damage any type of existing waterproofing seals.

The safest and easiest way to clean vinyl siding is to use warm water mixed with some soap or even a bit of vinegar. This method is just as effective and will not damage siding the way other harsh chemicals would. It normally doesn’t take much effort to remove the common dirt or dust layer from a home’s vinyl siding.


5. Store Your Grill Away From Your Home

The summer months are notorious for outdoor barbecues. Even though keeping your grill closer to your home may be convenient, it can actually lead to damage to your home’s siding. Following general safety practices, it is recommended to grill at least 10 feet away from your house. Having a grill too close to your home can result in warping or melting vinyl siding, or even smoke damage to your home. 


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