What It Means To Be Point Woman


We recently spoke with our 2020 Point Woman, Theresa Chey. She has been with Presidential Exteriors for about a year and a half; during which time she has become both the Office & HR Manager.

Here she reflects on her experience working at Presidential Exteriors and gives insight on what it takes to become successful.

What is the most important thing to you?

TC: I would definitely say my family and self-growth are the most important. I want to really work on myself so I can be the best version for me and my family. I want to be able to support and provide for my family so we can all achieve our personal goals and enjoy celebrating our successes together.

What does Point Woman mean to you?

TC: Being awarded Point Woman was a reminder that all the work I’ve done, the attention to details, the long hours, the constant need to always out do myself had not gone unnoticed. Hard work does pay off, and I couldn’t be more honored to win this award from the previous winners Chris Gass and Jennifer Sharkey. These individuals are definitely some of the hardest working individuals I know at the company, and to be given this award was a reminder that I’m on the right path. This award has made me want to try even harder and accomplish things we didn’t even think was possible. I want to really focus on finding my niche and bringing that “it” factor to the company so that we can grow as a whole.

What is it about Presidential Exteriors that makes you go above and beyond?

TC: Hands down the people, the amount of support you get from them to try new things and step out of your comfort zone is overwhelming. It’s amazing that we all have the same goal of growing with the company and becoming the best. We all genuinely want the best for this company because it’s not just our work but our extended family. Everyone is there to constantly cheer you on and it’s the best feeling to work among some amazing people every day.

How did the lockdown impact you?

TC: The lockdown was actually a blessing in disguise. Although the lockdown left many uncertainties, I was able to use that time to personally grow. During the lockdown, the company was actually in the process of moving and we had already signed the contract for our new location, so there was no turning back. It was really difficult to design an office space 4x the previous from scratch and without prior experience. I used the extra time I had and really educated myself to build a solid foundation for design. This lockdown really made me take a step back and appreciate the little things and I’m grateful for that.

What was your journey like at Presidential Exteriors?

TC: I initially started out as the Executive Assistant and this was a great way to really get acclimated with the company culture. I started to work on my foundation, so learning the basics about the company and then slowly expanding my knowledge by taking on various tasks. There were a lot of trials and errors since we were a smaller/younger company and there were many things we were just learning in general, but this was a great opportunity because it gave me the freedom to take things under my wing and really make it my own. I started to expand my role by learning about processing and operations, and eventually payroll which led me to my current position as HR. I now oversee our HR department.

You worked in a corporate job prior to PE, what made you decide PE was home for you?  Why did you decide to not go back to the corporate world?

TC: Working at a corporate job really limited me because there wasn’t much room for upward mobility. I enjoyed what I did at my previous job and really enjoyed working alongside my peers, but due to poor management, I was mentally and physically drained. Working for Presidential Exteriors was a huge risk for me because I would have to move 4.5hrs away, to a place I’m not familiar with, to a pretty young company, but after researching the company and speaking with the CEO, Chris Edwards, I knew this was a risk worth taking. After working at Presidential Exteriors I knew that I made the right choice. The amount of growth I had accomplished in one year was more than I could’ve achieved if I stayed at my previous job. They allowed me to be me and trusted me, which only motivated me more hence why I’m still here.

Presidential Exteriors is more or less a small and young company. Being a younger company comes with its own set of risks tied to it. What influenced you to stay on the Prezi Train?

TC: The biggest factors were the people and the opportunity for growth. I felt more comfortable because I was working alongside people closer to my age, so it was easier to communicate with each other and help build the environment we have today. Working at a younger company always comes with risks, but if you are able to overcome those obstacles the rewards are a lot more fulfilling.

What has been your biggest take-away during your time with PE?

TC: It’s okay to make mistakes and it’s okay to ask questions. We are constantly growing and learning new things and if we don’t ask questions, we’ll never be able to reach our full potential. Don’t be afraid to try something new and to really make it your own.

Do you have any tips/advice for future recruits or people who want to grow in the company like you have done?

TC: Take the time to find what you enjoy and take it at your own pace. We all learn at different rates and that’s perfectly okay because building your foundation is super important. Having a strong foundation allows you to reach your true potential. Find your niche, and really focus on what you can do best, find ways to branch out on your skill, and don’t forget to take time to enjoy your time here. We have a ping pong table and an upcoming lounge area for employees to de-stress, so utilize it!

Our team is extremely appreciative of Theresa’s efforts, she has not become our go-to person by chance. Theresa has earned her spot as a leader in the company through hard work and by exceeding expectations. We are excited to see how her future at Presidential Exteriors continues to develop and wish her the best on her journey.



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