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Cancer Awareness Prezi Fight Strong

On April 1st, Presidential Exteriors started the Prezi Fight Strong campaign to raise awareness and to raise donations for the John Cleland Testis Cancer Fellowship Fund. Without Dr. Larry Einhorn and the fellowship fund, the advancements in cancer research and treatments we have today would not exist.    Join Us in Our Fight Against Cancer   Our goal is to 

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The Top 100 U.S. Business Leader

The Top 100 Magazine Christopher Edwards   Chris was featured in the Top 100 U.S. Business Leaders Magazine.   When you work for the country’s largest exterior modeling company, you learn a thing or two, and what Chris Edwards learned was that bigger isn’t always better. What Chris wanted most was the opportunity to excel, to be unburdened by the 

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What It Means To Be Point Woman

We recently spoke with our 2020 Point Woman, Theresa Chey. She has been with Presidential Exteriors for about a year and a half; during which time she has become both the Office & HR Manager. Here she reflects on her experience working at Presidential Exteriors and gives insight on what it takes to become successful. What is the most important 

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