6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Siding Contractor

Choose the right siding contractor with Presidential Exteriors.

As siding wears down over time, it can unfortunately leave your home vulnerable to moisture intrusion and pest infiltration. The solution lies in finding a reputable siding contractor you can trust with new siding replacement. 

If you’ve never had new siding before, it may feel a little daunting to engage in conversations with contractors you are considering hiring. We’re here to guide you through the process, ensuring you make an informed decision every step of the way.

Embark on your siding replacement journey with confidence by arming yourself with the right questions for potential contractors!

What to Ask a Siding Contractor Before Hiring Them

1. Are you licensed and insured? 

If the contractor is not licensed and insured, it’s wise to look for a different company to install your siding. State licensure ensures the crew is up to date on building codes in your area, and that’s a must to pass inspections. 

Your siding contractor should carry general liability insurance and worker’s compensation so that in the unlikely event that someone is injured on your property, you’ll be covered. 

The Presidential Exteriors difference: We are licensed and insured, so you’re well covered! 

2. What is your address?

Professional contractors have an office with a physical address where you can find them after the work is done if you need anything. By ensuring your contractor has an office in the area, you safeguard yourself from trouble down the road. 

The Presidential Exteriors difference: As a locally owned and operated company, we take pride in our work. Our physical address is just one way you can see our roots and commitment to you and your home renovations. 

3. What types of siding do you install? 

There are a variety of siding materials that contractors may install. Make sure the company you’re considering installs durable, long-lasting siding like fiber cement. And if they do, inquire if they have James Hardie siding and trim products as an option. This siding is the gold standard and lasts decades while maintaining its beauty. 

The Presidential Exteriors difference: We are a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor, so we not only install fiber cement siding, but we do it with precision. Our James Hardie trained team adheres to the manufacturer’s strict standards, ensuring you get the best long-term results. We also install energy-saving insulated vinyl siding, and budget-friendly vinyl siding. 

4. What do past clients have to say about your work? 

It’s smart to check out the online ratings of the company you’re considering hiring including Angi, the Better Business Bureau, Home Advisor, Google, and more. Additionally, ask the contractor if you can contact recent clients to learn firsthand how satisfied homeowners are with their work. 

The Presidential Exteriors difference: Don’t take our word for it—find out for yourself what our past customers have to say about us. Our ratings are outstanding, and easily accessible on our website. 

5. How many projects have you done?

This basic question gives a contractor the opportunity to share how experienced they are and how many projects they’ve done. Knowing this helps build trust in their expertise before hiring them. 

The Presidential Exteriors difference: We have successfully completed over 10,000 home exterior upgrades. 

6. Do you offer additional home exterior remodeling services?

When it comes to home exterior renovations, convenience is key. And when you find a contractor you can trust with one facet of your exterior, it’s pretty awesome if they can take care of other areas that need upgrades as well. 

The Presidential Exteriors difference: At Presidential Exteriors, we offer siding, roofing, windows, doors, insulation, and gutter installation, simplifying your exterior renovations. 

Get the Expert Input You Need to Navigate Your Home Exterior Upgrades with Ease 

It can feel challenging to tackle the unknown. When you need new siding, reach out to our trusted team so you can have peace of mind and get the guidance you need to make good long-term decisions about your home exterior. 

At Presidential Exteriors, we have successfully guided thousands of homeowners through renovations, and your satisfaction is our top priority. You’ll love how our 3D Hover technology shows you the possibilities of your home upgrades before we get started on them. Check out our siding services and discover how our durable, low-maintenance installations deliver long-lasting beauty and protection to your home.