Replaced Siding

Home Built:



Spring 2019

Life Expectancy:

20+ yrs


New Market, MD

Original Material:

Construction Grade Vinyl Siding


Remove All Siding, Rotted Wood & Deteriorated Insulation. Then Replace the Insulation, Plywood, & Install New Tyvek House Wrap and Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding

Replaced Siding

This home was built in 1999 . The siding had not been installed properly which led to mold & mildew growth on the siding panels, as well as, visible warping and bubbling. When the siding was removed, it revealed a plethora of issues such as: insects eating away at the wood, moisture build up, & mice nests. Not only that, it was also apparent the construction contractor cut some corners by not wrapping the home properly with a weather barrier.

It became apparent they needed Tyvek house wrap to help prevent the water damage that led to the warped siding and growing algae on the sides. We then decided to replace the siding with Mastic Quest because of how durable and high quality their siding is. This make not only made the home more energy efficient, it also prevented rain from entering. This upgrade also ensured the home would still be very breathable which would prevent any mold or mildew growth.

This much needed exterior remodeling upgrade both boosted the protection and the general attractiveness of the home. The homeowner can now rest assured that with a huge storm rolling in, they do not need to worry about water leaking into the house. As an extra bonus, they will also be saving more on their energy bills.


Original Siding With Signs Of Mildew


Rotted Wood Hidden Behind Siding


Installed New Plywood


Wrapping Home With Tyvek


Installing New Mastic Siding


Finished Install With New Gutters