Home Built:

Early 1980’s


Spring 2019

Life Expectancy:

20+ yrs


Fairfax, VA

Original Material:

Natural Wood


  • Remove Rotted Wood
  • Replace with Composite Deck Boards
  • Supplement with Weatherproofing

This Fairfax, VA home was built in the 1980’s. The deck had not been maintained which led to normal wear and tear. We knew this deck was overdue for a deck replacement upon inspection of the swelling, rotting, and splitting wood boards.

The homeowner wanted a revamped deck with a modernistic style that would also withstand all weather. We assisted in reducing their long-term maintenance bills by installing Trex composite deck boards that are 95% recycled, as well as, stain and fade resistant. The homeowner also requested a custom bench to match and we were able to meet their design needs. Upgrading the deck with high quality materials added years to its lifespan compared to a typical wooden deck.

We’re thrilled with how this deck replacement improved the overall curb appeal of the home while simultaneously providing the necessary protections against inclement weather. The deck is both stylistically appealing and of high quality. Due to this transformation, the homeowner now has a weatherproofed deck and trouble-free maintenance. There is no longer a worry about resealing and restaining bills and no risk of potential splinters when walking.


Original Deck


Old Deck Removal


Installing New Posts


Installing Composite Boards


Framing New Stairs


Finished Deck Install