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Chris Edwards Top 100

Chris was featured in the Top 100 U.S. Business Leaders Magazine.


When you work for the country’s largest exterior modeling company, you learn a thing or two, and what Chris Edwards learned was that bigger isn’t always better. What Chris wanted most was the opportunity to excel, to be unburdened by the conventions and culture that made him feel more like a number than a person. And so it was, that after 6 years of being an employee, Chris started his own company.

Based on the principle that productivity is reliant upon career satisfaction, Chris founded Presidential Exteriors in 2016 to offer what he, himself, had never received—the potential for growth. And although this would be his first foray into business ownership, his insight and experience would mold an environment that was openminded, nurturing, and diversified.

Presidential Exteriors is now in its fifth year of operation, and the values Chris had first envisioned are firmly entrenched and working just as he had hoped. With upward career mobility always a priority, the company has created several divisions, which not only bolster client acquisition, but also allow employees to find the area that they perform best in. Chris adds, “We do primarily residential and insurance remodeling, and we’re looking into the possibility of adding solar and government contracting. We’re very diversified, so if someone is weaker at one skill, we’re very good at recognizing this and moving them into areas that they can excel in.” The strategy has proven effective. Presidential started with five employees and has since swelled to 140, many of whom have been with Chris for years.


“We’re always evolving,” Chris states. “We used to look at ourselves as a home remodeling company, but now we also view ourselves as a training company. Educating your employees benefits them and ultimately results in the greatest customer satisfaction.” And in his relentless pursuit of quality service, Chris ensures that Presidential uses only the highest-quality products while offering competitive pricing. “Our clients appreciate the value, but also that we take the time and make every effort to ensure their experience exceeds expectations. Our privately labeled products have been a huge hit with homeowners because they’re of such a high caliber. Oftentimes, the little details make the biggest impact. That’s something the larger companies don’t consider.”

Whether it’s the company culture, where growth is not only available, but encouraged, or the five-star customer service, Presidential Exteriors has been noticed and applauded. This year they received the Top 75 Fastest-Growing Company Award from Washington Business Journal. Still, Chris finds the greatest reward to be his employees’ success. “Every single employee matters, and my goal is to give each one an opportunity to succeed,” Chris states. And his sentiments are reciprocated by his team, who stepped up and kept operations running during a very challenging time for Chris. “Last year, I was diagnosed with the highest-stage testicular cancer. The team joined together and supported me and the company while I went through the journey to beat it. I’m now in full remission, but during that trying time, I really felt just how much we’re all truly a family.”



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