Author: StructureM Marketing

Should You Replace Your Windows All at Once or in Phases?

Old windows leak, cost you in utility bills, detract from your home’s appearance, and often harbor moisture-related issues like rot, mold, and deterioration. Replacement windows deliver stunning looks to your exterior and interior, seal your house from extreme temperatures, and create significant energy savings that are reflected in your utility bills.  But how do you know whether to replace one 

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How to Troubleshoot Windows that Won’t Open or Close Properly

Opening your windows for fresh air shouldn’t be a struggle. In fact, if your windows don’t open and close smoothly, you’re at risk of leaks, reduced energy efficiency, and break-ins.  Here, we share tips on what to do when your windows aren’t opening or closing properly so you can enjoy fresh air hassle-free. Understand the Causes of Failing Window Operation 

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